Friday, March 18, 2016



Georgette Fry in concert

Starring local singing sensation; Georgette Fry and her twelve piece band
Featuring Shout Sister! Friday April 29th at 7:30 pm at the Grand Theatre
Jazz, blues, soul--the legendary Etta James sang it all--and
who better to take us through her songbook than Canada's own 2013 CMA
Singer of the Year, Georgette Fry? Backed by her excellent 11 piece
band, with 50 members of the local chapters of her Shout Sister! choir
providing gospel harmonies, Fry's retrospective will be filling the
Regina Rosen Auditorium.

Like Etta James, Fry has a big voice that seamlessly glides across
musical genres. Her love of good music does not sit solely with one
particular iteration, making this retrospective a powerful work in its
own right. Georgette never needs to imitate; she brings her own solid,
sensitive self to these treasured songs and honours Etta's legacy.
Fry's excellent band are all-stars from her hometown, Kingston. Jon
Stewart (sax) arranged the music for the show. He plays on stage with
James Wannamaker (sax), Janet MacRae (trumpet), Dave Barton (guitar),
Zak Colbert (bass), Ken Hall (organ), Alain McCann (piano), Duncan Holt
(drums) and Anna Robertson (Background vocals).

Rounding out this already spectacular lineup is Shout Sister!, offering
gospel backup during the finale.

Performing in the Regina Rosen Auditorium, Grand Theatre
Watch Video of one of the songs from the show.

To purchase Tickets please 
Call:  613-530-2050
Visit   218 Princess Street, Kingston, ON

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Charles and I wish you all the best of the holiday season, and we thank you for your support this year.

Watching a live performance, or enrolling in a class and performing for an audience are memories that stay with people for a lifetime. Consider giving the gift of a lifetime memory this year - take a loved one to see A Christmas Carol, the musical, or enrol a young person in our Little Stars or Stage Right acting class, or give them the experience of being in a major musical with our Musical Theatre Class.

 Tickets for A Christmas Carol include special pricing for Seniors, Students and Children. Balcony seating is at a special rate, and the Saturday matinee is priced to favour families. The show opens soon - December 17 (Thursday) and runs for four performances over three days, closing Saturday December 19. You can get tickets from the Grand Theatre box office in person (noon - 6pm), by phone 613-530-2050, or online here:

The Winter Term of our Stage Right Acting Classes begins Jan 9 (first week back to school!) on Saturdays. We offer classes for young people ranging in age from 6-17.

Our popular Musical Theatre course is offered in January and begins Jan 4. This year's project is SHREK the Musical JR. This is a musical theatre intensive, designed to give your child a taste of what being in a full-scale production is like. Everyone enrolled in the class takes on at least two roles (one major role and at least one minor). Training is second-to-none as we bring in top vocal coaches and choreographers, as well as excellent direction and support.

We want you to know that we are independant artists, active in the greater community, teaching performance arts, producing our own new work, and presenting community theatre shows as part of our arts practise. Every time you buy a ticket to one of Bottle Tree Productions' shows or enrol in one of our classes, you are directly supporting artists - not only us, but local musicians, actors, and directors. This is a rare feat in an industry that favours paying administrators instead of artists.  So thank you.

Best wishes of the season - and thank you again for supporting local artists!

Anne Marie & Charles

Friday, October 23, 2015

Greater Tuna - A Comedy

"Two actors, twenty characters, and a barrell of laughs!"
by: Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard

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Mike Bullett
Sean Roberts

Directed by:

Amie Bello

Come to the Baby Grand and set a spell with the good folks from Tuna, Texas. If you like Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe, Don Harron's Charlie Farquharson, and the good folks from HEE HAW, you will enjoy this irreverantly funny take on life in Tuna,  Texas' third-smallest town.

Join Arles Struive, and Thurston Wheelis at radio station OKKK as they discuss current events, including the top essays from The Tuna Junior High American Heritage Essay Contest, entitled "Human Rights, Why Bother?", "Living With Radiation" and "The Other Side of Bigotry".  Then, head on over to Bertha Bumiller's kitchen as Charlene, Stanely, and Jody talk about weight management, dogs,  and text book censorship over breakfast. Down to the Humane Society, Petey Fisk is trying to  save  Yippy's life, but the already over-burdened Bumiller's household can't handle another canine. Phinas Blye and Leonard Childers hit the airwaves with "This Week in Tuna". Stanley adds his two cents to the show to suggest taxing the stupid, and over at the Burras' home, Pearl has a solution to the dog overpopulation problem, but gets into trouble with her bitter pill.

And folks, that just some of Act One.

Sean Roberts and Mike Bullet are the hardest-working actors in show business as they bring you all of the characters of Tuna Texas in two acts. Quick costume and character changes make this a fun and challenging show for actors--not to mention the stage dressers who have to get these two changed in seconds flat! Come and set a spell, grab a cool beverage and enjoy the wit and wisdom of Tuna, Texas!

Performing in the Baby Grand Theatre, within the Grand Theatre.

Saturday, September 19, 2015



Friday November 6 at 7:30 PM

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
Two exciting acts -One ticket!
Rock down memory lane with Practically Petty and Fleetwood Nicks. Using the same equipment as the Heartbreakers, Practically Petty leaves no stone unturned in recreating the original band sound. Their show has all of Petty's hits with the Heartbreakers as well as his solo work. Tom Petty toured with Stevie Nicks and their amazing Stop Draggin' My heart Around is recreated on stage live by Pratically Petty and Fleetwood Nicks. If you love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Practically Petty is the show for you. But that's not all. Fleetwood Nicks takes the stage with the whole Stevie Nicks-Fleetwood Mac experience. Plucked from relative musical obscurity by the mega band Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks was rocketed to fame and stardom. Fleetwood Nicks has the look, feel and distinctive sound of Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac plus her highly-in-demand solo shows. Fleetwood Nicks portrays Fleetwood Mac with an incredible authenticity. Backed by seasoned professionals, it is definitely a show you will not want to miss.

Practically Petty and Fleetwood Nicks exudes all the charm and mystique of both famous artists in a stunning recreation of some of the worlds most popular music. A highly entertaining night of great music! Two great shows for the price of one!


For more information about music shows at the Grand Theatre please go to Music Shows in Kingston ON

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gut Punch - You're Welcome

We have the privilege of presenting two dramatic works this week; Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story" in Kingston, at The Baby Grand, and Charles Robertson's "Ghost of the Tree", at Arts Court in Ottawa. The plays have similarities - both are gritty, need few to no props, have minimal sets and are vehicles to showcase talented actors. For actors and directors, these scripts are meaty and exciting. For audiences, these pieces are moving reminders of human connectedness.

The Zoo Story
As theatre artists, we strive to tell stories that touch people. We want to achieve a level of intimacy with strangers that is normally reserved for the closest of friends. We find writing that is honest and poetic, a story that moves in a natural arc, and actors who have the talent to deliver nuanced roles... and then we punch the audience right in the gut. Hard.

Not all dramatic works have this outcome. There are comedies, and histories, and other types of stories - so why choose to produce works that are "hard to watch"? These two particular plays are also hard to define. They are just plain hard. Like life.

But -like life- they are worthwhile. Worthwhile in the writing, worthwhile in the producing, and worthwhile in the watching. In the hands of talented performers, these scripts bring the audience along an
emotional roller-coaster in a risk-free environment.

Ghost of the Tree
Theatre is a safe space for the audience to participate in life, like arenas are safe places for fans to participate in sports. We are not on the field tackling the quarterback, but we are as invested in the outcome as if we were. We share this investment with the other members of the audience. We share the experience, even though we each have a different seat in the stands.

Plays like "The Zoo Story" and "Ghost of the Tree" give watchers  ground to start a discussion (internally or out loud). They stay with you - undefined, truthful, passionate, painful but cathartic.

You're welcome.